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Terms & Conditions


When you book an appointment with Burroughs 5 Boat Detailing you are agreeing with these terms of service -

1.) You agree with us doing the requested service on your boat.

2.) You will drop your boat off at the requested time and contact us if a situation occurs.

3.) Time is based on the quality of the boat and the requested service.

4.) Price is based on time and materials used.

5.) You must tell us about anything we need to be aware of (things that might be damaged) before the process begins.

6.) We are NOT responsible for any damage done to personal items left on the boat.

7.) There is NO warranty on any boats.

8.) Payment is due before or when the boat is picked up.

9.) Once the boat leaves the property, the payment and finish product are final.

10.) If the boat is not picked up at the designated time, there are no promises that the boat will be as clean as when it was first finished.

By checking this box you agree to these terms

Thanks for understanding our terms.  Let's get back to boating!

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